How can I customize my CV?

You can customise your CV layout in a number of ways, including:

  • Change the colour and theme: Use our custom colour picker tool to refresh ad revamp your CV
  • Add coloured progress bars: Showcase your skill level by using coloured progress bars
  • Use avatar images: Personalise your CV further with impressive avatar images
  • Add or remove photos: You can edit, add and remove photos across our templates, and even remove the backgrounds of photos to create a professional headshot image
  • Reorder sections: Re-order sections by clicking on the grid icon and placing them how you see fit. It should look something like this:

Change the language: Check out our guide to changing languages here.

Exclude sections and fields: Omit certain sections or fields that are unnecessary 

Rename and edit sections: Edit and rename section titles and tailor where you see fit

Add links: Add links to your professional social media sites and online portfolios

Add skills with our Skill Suggestion Tool: Simply input your information and our algorithms will suggest skills for you to add

Please note: Currently, there are some limitations with CV customisations. As of right now, we cannot move the skills section from right to left or add a margin or page break. You also cannot adjust font sizing. Rest assured, we are constantly improving and hope to add more customisation features in the future!

How to add a custom section: 

To further customise your CV, you can also use custom sections. You can rename sections to any title you’d like to include. Adding a custom section is easy! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the CV Editor where you’ll find various options for adding new sections. From there, you can create and customise additional sections as needed.

How to create a one-page CV

To create a one-page CV, it is important to include only the most relevant and impressive information while discarding any excessive details that may not add value to your CV.

Additionally, customising your cover letter is crucial for increasing your job prospects. You can accomplish this easily by matching it to your CV template with just a click. It is best to tailor your cover letter specifically to each job application for best results. Organise and keep track of your job search by storing your cover letters on your dashboard.

Lastly, merging your CV and Cover Letter into a single PDF is now possible for added convenience and organization. This feature can be found in the dropdown menu under "More", and simply requires selecting which two documents to combine.

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