How do I change my CV template or design? provides users with a range of design themes or templates to choose from. The best part is that all of these themes are designed to work seamlessly with your CV content, meaning you won't have to modify your content to fit each design. And if you ever want to switch up the look of your CV, it's a breeze - simply access the CV you want to change, click to edit, and choose from a variety of templates displayed on the left-hand side. Easy! It’ll look like this:

If you happen to be viewing the full-page preview, you'll be able to modify the template by simply clicking on the "Select Template" icon located at the bottom of your screen: 

If you're looking to add some variety to your CV, you can always change the template you're using. There are many different templates available that can provide a fresh look and feel for your document.

To learn more about how to customise your CV, check out this blog article. 

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