Can I download my resume to Word or PDF?

Once your CV is ready, there are several ways you can export it or your cover letter to start applying for jobs. You can download a PDF, DOCX, or TXT file of your CV either directly from your Dashboard or from the CV Editor. You can also merge your CV and Cover Letter into one PDF file for ultimate convenience and orderliness. The "Download PDF" button is available, and you can also see the "More" dropdown menu to download as a DOCX or TXT file. 

If you're currently on our free plan, you have a couple of options available for sharing your CV. One way is to export your CV to a TXT file, which will allow you to save it to your device or send it to someone else. Another option is to share an online link to your CV, which will allow others to view it and download a copy if necessary. 

If you're not interested in upgrading to a premium design theme for your CV, you can still export the content as a TXT file and then easily paste it into a basic word processor like Word or Google Docs. Another option would be to share an online link, which would allow you to showcase your CV in a premium design theme that's accessible online. 

Export to DOCX

When exporting your CV, you have the option to download it as a DOCX file. By checking the visual preview above, you can ensure that your exported document retains the formatting you desire. With DOCX files, you will also be able to make further edits to styles, font sizes, and colours on your device.

If you click the "...." button, you'll be presented with a dropdown menu that provides multiple options for downloading your CV:

Why is my DOCX download different from the PDF download? 

Regardless of which file format you choose, you have three options for downloading your CV: TXT (free), PDF, or DOCX. The content of your CV will be identical across all three options, with the only exception being the TXT file format.

21. How do I track my job applications or job search?

Looking for a job can be quite a challenge! And keeping track of all the relevant information can be quite overwhelming, especially if you apply to multiple job openings in one go. But thankfully, with the help of's job tracking board, you can stay on top of your game during your job search. Whether you are applying to 25, 50, or even more jobs, you can easily organise your job search, keep track of all the companies and job positions you've applied to, and effectively manage your role in the hiring process. By utilising job tracking tools such as this one, you can pursue your career goals more efficiently and stay focused on achieving them.

To track your jobs: 

  • To access the job tracking dashboard, simply click on the "Job Tracking" option in the main navigation menu. This should allow you to view and manage all your current jobs in one convenient location.
  • Once you're there, you can easily add a new job by selecting "Add Job" under any of the available status options.

The statuses are as follows: 

Wishlist - jobs you’d like to apply to, but haven’t 

Applied - jobs you’ve applied to and you’re waiting for a response 

Interview - j jobs you may have applied for and are currently awaiting a response, or have scheduled interviews with

Offer - jobs you have pending offers for

Rejected - jobs you have unsuccessful for 

*Note: It's true that the job application process can be very time-consuming and frustrating, but don't lose hope if you don't hear back right away. Remember, there are so many variables that could impact whether your application is selected, such as the number of applicants, job qualifications, and personal connections. It's always a good idea to follow up to ensure you receive feedback on your application and to keep improving your approach to increase your chances of success. In addition, using tools like drag and drop columns can help you stay organised and focused on what needs to be done in your job search. Keep up the momentum and stay positive!

Adding new jobs:

If you've added a new job listing, you'll have the ability to include additional information to that listing such as tags, a link to the job description, salary information, notes and any other relevant details. It’ll look something like this:

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